‘Bombshell’ Bombs: Movie That Demonized Donald Trump and Roger Ailes Tanks at Box Office

Another Hollywood left-wing propaganda flick has performed abysmally in the box office. ‘Bombshell,’ a movie that lionizes former Fox News hosts Megyn Kelly and Gretchen Wilson, garnered a mere $5.075 million over its first weekend.

The movie is an anti-Trump missive that smears deceased former Fox News chairman Roger Ailes as a villainous predator. The movie has already received a great deal of Academy Award buzz, as the Hollywood cesspool caters to the #metoo mob.

But push back against the movie may derail its Oscar hopes. Even liberal movie goers are having a hard time stomaching the propaganda of ‘Bombshell,’ considering the movie’s heroines are so disreputable. Wilson and Kelly were Fox News readers for many years until it personally benefited them to jump ship, and left-wingers haven’t forgiven them.

A reviewer in Cosmopolitan explained why liberals cannot stomach the whitewashing of Wilson and Kelly’s reputations:

I don’t want to feel bad for people like Kelly and Carlson, because what the movie fails to do is show much of the problematic sides of either. Let’s not forget that Kelly has been called out for racist comments more than once. Remember the time she said black face was acceptable if it was part of a Halloween costume? Or the time she said there was no way Santa or Jesus could be a black man?

What about the time Carlson said focusing on LGBTQ issues was getting in the way of real concerns, like jobs. Or the time she said she “couldn’t get her head around” trans rights. I don’t want to feel bad for women who, at one point, contributed to a machine like Fox News, that makes this country a more hateful place every day.

Most of these details are conveniently left out of the film, except Kelly’s comments about Santa. There’s even a scene where Carlson tries to talk about International Day of the Girl on-camera, and gets reprimanded for it by Ailes. So not only did the filmmakers choose to ignore the problematic pasts of both, but they almost want us to believe that Carlson was trying to make Fox News more feminist by the time she was fired. I don’t buy it.

A reviewer in the Manhattan Mercury levied similar criticisms toward the movie:

It recalls some of Donald Trump’s campaign tweets, not things even his fans would pick out as evidence of his classiness.

So the movie’s about Trump, right? Or about the campaign? Nope. So why are the tweets included? The movie-makers wouldn’t understand the question. They apparently assume they and the viewers all feel the same way about the president…

Besides the acting, what is there here to see? For some reason the movie wants to be coy about what sexual acts which of the real life characters engaged in, which undercuts the effect the film wants.

And, then, that opening business about Mr. Trump and the concentration on a story about the politically conservative news channel on basic cable will have counter-punchers remarking about glass houses. Wouldn’t a movie about Harvey Weinstein’s casting couch have been more sensational and wouldn’t it have provided even more parts for actresses?

Similar to the lackluster cume of ‘Terminator: Dark Fate’ at the box office and the disappointing performances of the ‘Batwoman’ and ‘Watchmen’ television shows, the failure of ‘Bombshell’ is evidence that the public is rejecting content infused with social justice tropes. The public is finally growing weary with the victimhood agenda pushed by leftists.

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