BOMBSHELL: Manchin Threatens To Exit The Democrat Party

Senator Joe Manchin (D – WV)

Senator Joe Manchin has occasionally been a thorn in the side of the Democrat Party. Considered by many to be the last “Blue Dog Democrat” in any position of significance, Manchin’s implicit social conservatism and unwillingness to blindly sign onto the latest SJW brainchild of the New York and San Francisco liberal gentry have caused noticeable rifts with him and the progressive wing of the party. This past week, the Democrat Senator from the Mountain State has decided to up the ante.

According to Mother Jones, Senator Manchin has confided with several close associates regarding his intentions to potentially leave the Democrat Party. This intention of his has apparently largely stemmed from the refusal of the Biden regime and most Congressional Democrats to consider reducing the size of the $3.5 trillion monstrosity that is the infrastructure bill down to a mere $1.75 trillion, a move that would enrage the far-left contingent of the Democrats, particularly “the squad” members.

Having said that, Manchin would not become a Republican in this scenario. His intention, should it end up panning out, would be to become an “American Independent”, which would cause significant anxiety amongst both Senate Democrats and Republicans, given how precarious the balance of power is in the country’s Upper House.

Manchin’s main concerns regarding the Build Back Better Bill, which has the potential to provide a separate reference point that voters can rate the Biden regime with, is what many people consider to be a grossly unnecessary expansion of Medicare and Medicaid, an expanded child tax credit, and the laundry list of climate change-related proposals. Some see Manchin’s move to make this intention public as a possible point of pressure to be applied to Biden and the Democrats to get his way.

Apparently, there will be a two-step process to Manchin’s self-removal from the Democrat Party. The first would be to send a letter to Majority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York regarding his resignation from his key leadership post as vice-chair of the Senate Democrats’ policy and communications committee. The hope would be that this alone would cause the Democrats to sue for peace and acquiesce to his relatively moderate demands ($1.75 trillion is still considered a rather hefty sum of money to most people). Should this first move prove insufficient, Manchin would then proceed with the second step of his exit plan, which would be to deregister as a Democrat and register as an Independent. Manchin would offer Schumer a one-week grace period between the two steps.

Manchin considers his $1.75 trillion compromise to be the most generous concession he is willing to offer and appears to be bent on staying put with this number no matter what. Should Democrats attempt to test him, Manchin might very well cause them to lose everything and have the bill fall completely through. This appears to be a very real possibility given the 50-50 split in the Senate as well as the existence of relatively moderate Arizona Democrat Kristen Sinema. This of course assumes that Manchin, who is ultimately a politician, holds true to the principles he has laid out for himself. It would seem that only time will be able to determine how this saga eventually plays out.

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