BOMBSHELL VIDEO: Martha McSally Jokes About Exploding Saudi Wives

A newly uncovered video from 2003 shows Rep. Martha McSally (R-AZ) making a joke about women in Saudi Arabia stepping on landmines.

This occurred during a commencement address at Rhode Island College, where she was talking about how happy she was to be back in the United States after spending time deployed as an Air Force pilot in Saudi Arabia.

She talked about how when she was there in the past, the women walked ten feet behind the men to signify where they stand in society.

Referring to her recent visit, she mentioned how she noticed a role reversal, with the women walking ten feet in front of the men. McSally stated that when she asked a women about why things changed, she stated “landmines.”

Comments such as these could now be used against McSally, who is seeking the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate in Arizona, to replace Jeff Flake. If she is to win the Republican nomination, it could make winning against the expected Democrat nominee, and current U.S. Rep Kyrsten Sinema difficult.

With Republicans in Arizona feeling as disenfranchised as ever, the Democrats are looking to make ground. Insensitive comments such as the ones made by McSally only serve to help make that happen.



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