BOMBSHELL: Women Discussed Vegas Massacre, “Shooting Fish in a Barrel” Shortly Before Shooting, Says Final Report

In an interview with Big League Politics Thursday, a former CIA Chief of Station and the President of Americans for Intelligence Reform discussed a bombshell revelation buried within the police final report regarding a premeditated conversation about the shooting, which occurred at the venue 30 minutes before Stephen Paddock rained bullets on the crowd.

“This is actually out of the [final] police report,” said Brad Johnson.

“So there was a young woman – I’ve exchanged phone calls with her, she doesn’t want me to use her name so I’ll respect that wish of hers – but she is a Department of Homeland Security TSA employee, so she’s trained in security and observing and so on.”

“Almost exactly a half hour before the shooting takes place, she’s at the back of the concert and looking forward towards the stage with all of the people with their backs towards her,” Johnson said. “At the back there had been a previous concert – there were some bails of hay and some things being put away – but it was a pretty big stack and on top of that stack there were two young women.”

After relaying the in-depth description of the two women provided by the TSA agent, Johnson dropped the bombshell:

“The first woman says, ‘Those stupid f****** white people, they’re going to know how it feels. They deserve this. Wait until later,'” according to Johnson and the report.

“The second woman, who’s the rambunctious one, says ‘YO, like shooting fish in a barrel! Are you getting this, baby? I love you!'” he said.

According to Johnson and the TSA agent, the women were live-streaming the occasion. Police have never followed up with the women described by the TSA employee.

WATCH the bombshell interview:

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