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BOOK: George H.W. Bush’s Lurid Affair Had Wife Barbara Bush Suicidal

The globalist president reportedly tormented, befouled and disrespected his wife while plotting his devilish New World Order.



Former President George H.W. Bush has been re-imagined as an American hero because of his dogged opposition to President Donald Trump before he died, but that perception is far from reality. Bush sold his country down the river during his years serving the Washington D.C. swamp and reportedly tormented his poor, old, faithful wife while executing his globalist schemes.

Susan Page, author of “The Matriarch: Barbara Bush and the Making of an American Dynasty” scheduled for release tomorrow, said that George’s infidelities throughout the 1970s put Barbara through hell and made her depressed to the point of where she even contemplated suicide.

“Barbara Bush found herself falling into the worst personal crisis she had faced since daughter Robin had died more than two decades earlier,” Page said. “Overwhelmed by pain and loneliness, she contemplated suicide.”

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“She would pull over to the side of the road until the impulse to plow into a tree or drive into the path of an oncoming car had passed,” Page added.

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George allegedly broke his marital vows and betrayed his wife with Jennifer Fitzgerald, who had served as his personal aide since he ran the Republican National Committee in 1973-1974. George did not mind sticking his pen in company ink, so to speak, as one of the perks of being a big shot of the Republican establishment.

Barbara told Page she knew of the affair, that it left her miserable for many years, and she would cry at night alone wondering “why he didn’t leave me.” She struggled through the rest of the marriage maintaining appearances for the cameras.

When George took over the Central Intelligence Agency in 1975, his secretive nature only worsened the situation and Barbara’s misery worsened from there. George would not be held accountable for his infidelities on the job, as David Petraeus was for his in 2012 when he was forced to resign. Bush’s connections ran far too deep for him to ever be held accountable for his many public and private failures.

George certainly disrespected his poor wife, but he disrespected the U.S. Constitution even worse during his decades working for the federal swamp. Bush resigned in outrage from the National Rifle Association following the Oklahoma City Bombing because they criticized federal enforcement of gun control. He even voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016, as one of his last dying wishes was for globalism to continue to reign over America.

Per The Intercept:

Bush was at the CIA during the height of Operation Condor, an international “kidnap-torture-murder apparatus” run by six Latin American dictatorships and coordinated by Washington. …

Worse, Bush was at the helm of the Iran-Contra cover-up. Independent counsel Lawrence Walsh, who was given the job of investigating Iran-Contra, called Bush a “president who has such a contempt for honesty [and] arrogant disregard for the rule of law.”

Per The Intercept,

“Bush’s role in the Iran-Contra scandal shows that his legacy is far darker than what is being reported amid his death and funeral. The truth is that he coddled dictators and death squads, undermined democratic institutions, and trashed the Constitution.”

George’s eponymous son would follow in daddy’s footsteps to become President and blow the elder Bush’s globalist record out of the water. In addition to starting the disastrous Iraq War, George Jr. allowed the third-world invasion to spiral out of control as President and remains a proponent of illegal immigration despite the unprecedented border crisis. George Jr. is still pushing the Russian collusion narrative to this very moment despite his former FBI boss Robert Mueller finding no evidence with his former top officials spreading conspiracy theories through the mainstream media to divide the country.

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush didn’t get his turn to wreck America because he was humiliated by President Trump in 2016. There is another generation of the Bush family coming up the pike to rule over us – such as Jeb’s half-Mexican son, George P. Bush, who serves as Land Commissioner of Texas. George P. is already working on “re-imagining” the Alamo. Considering the family’s track record, George P. Bush and others from this cursed brood must be soundly rejected to ensure that Trump’s nationalist GOP remains intact for generations to come.


Mara Elvira Salazar is No Friend of America First Nationalism

Republican leaders would be wise to ignore all of her political advice.



If there’s one Republican leader that young activists should never listen to, it’s Florida Congresswoman Maria Elvira Salazar. 

Salazar, who is a Cuban American, has been an outspoken advocate of loosening U.S. immigration laws. In fact, she even confronted known immigration hawk and key Trump adviser Stephen Miller at a Republican Study Committee weekly lunch on February 24, 2021. She specifically criticized Trump’s immigration message and demanded that the GOP be more inclusive in its outreach.

“I told him [Miller] that the GOP needs to attract the browns,” stated Salazar. “We, for the last 30 years since Ronald Reagan, have not sent the right message to the browns,” she continued. “Reagan was the last guy who gave a path to citizenship to 3 million people … 35 years ago. It’s time for us to do the same thing that Reagan did.”

Salazar doubled down on her pro-immigration message when she went on Larry Kudlow’s show on March 2 and declared that former President Donald Trump would have done better with Hispanics by advocating for looser immigration. Journalist Ryan Girdusky noted how some of Trump’s advisers were already pushing for amnesty lite policies:

Girdusky added that Salazar was rather unhinged in her criticism of Miller’s vision for the GOP:

Salazar made a lot of noise about the Hispanic vote, despite ignoring how Trump improved his Hispanic numbers between 2016 and his re-election bid in 2020 from 28% to 32%. And he did so without much Hispandering or campaigning on passing amnesty. 

The unsavory fact that the GOP consultant class and the likes of Salazar refuse to acknowledge is that the Black Lives Matter unrest alone likely pushed significant segments of the Hispanic population into the Democrats’ arms. BLM radicalism alienated Americans of all backgrounds., but Hispanics were not having any of this kind of ruckus. Even Hispanic Democrats, of all groups, largely supported strong military action during the riots.

In reality, Hispanic support for Trump is largely based on his bluster and political bluntness, which many minority groups find comfort in. 

However, Republicans like Salazar gets it all wrong by thinking that expanding immigration both legal and illegal is a key to the Republican Party success. The Republican Party will have to concede that they can make gains with Hispanics at the margins but they cannot expect to win the majority of the Hispanic vote due to Hispanics’ propensity to support many causes ranging from gun control to more government involvement in healthcare. Data from the Pew Research Center demonstrates these beliefs among Hispanics. Nevertheless, there are some avenues for outreach with this demographic  but they must be done right. 

The key for Republican success is the white working class voters, which played a crucial role in putting Trump over the top in the Midwest back in 2016. These voters are not the most reliable in terms of turnout, but they comprise a vast segment of the American electorate. Any candidate who can activate them could potentially build a hegemonic electoral coalition for years to come. The goal for a sane Republican campaign is to maximize turnout and support among the WWC. 

Such inroads with WWC voters are more important than meeting a diversity quota the likes of Salazar and naive Republican strategists would like the party to pursue. Any nationalist campaign worth its salt would be promoting the following: Infrastructure projects targeting the Midwest, the restriction of both illegal and legal immigration, and re-shoring programs to bring jobs back. 

On the other hand, following Salazar’s program is the way that the GOP will become irrelevant and alienate many WWC voters who are already on the fence with regards to the Republican Party. These voters are not going to gravitate towards Republicans just because of the “R” next to their name. They still must be catered to and pushing for amnesty is one way to turn working class voters off.

Under Salazar’s watch, the GOP will simply be going back to the politically correct ways of the Bush administration. To tap into the sleeping giants that is the WWC, Republican leaders should ignore everything Salazar has to say and get fully behind nationalist policies such as immigration restriction, infrastructure development, and re-shoring. 


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