BOOM: President Trump Will Freeze Funding to Pro-China World Health Organization

President Donald Trump announced that the United States will place a freeze on its funding to the World Health Organization, citing the UN entity’s questionable pro-China track record and inability to properly warn the global public of the dangers of the Chinese coronavirus.

Trump made the announcement during his Tuesday press conference.

Watch the announcement here:

They called it wrong… They missed the call. They could’ve called it months earlier, they should’ve known. We’re going to put a hold on money spent to the WHO.

The United States is currently the greatest single contributor to the annual budget of the World Health Organization by far, having paid hundreds of millions of dollars into the agency’s multibillion dollar budget in previous years.

The Director of the WHO had forcefully spoken out against the President’s common-sense travel ban on China, taking a sharply political tone as nations across the world implemented similar measures as the severity of the disease became apparent.

The World Health Organization has taken claims from the authoritarian Chinese government at face value, largely peddling the Chinese Communist Party’s narrative on the dangers posed by the virus to the world and the dubious casualty counts China has released for the epidemic.

Arizona Senator Martha McSally called for the Director of the WHO to resign last week, citing the Ethiopian bureaucrat’s questionable connections to revolutionary Communist parties.

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