BORDER COLLAPSE: Iowa Governor Deploys Troops to Mexico Using Wuhan Virus Funds

On August 2, 2023, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds deployed 109 Iowa National Guard troops to the southern border with Mexico  with aim of clamping down the flow of illegal aliens into the United States. 

That same day, Reynolds said that this operation will be financed with funds allocated to Iowa under the American Rescue Plan Act, better known as the Wuhan virus stimulus package. The Iowa governor proclaimed that this package offers flexibility in how the funds can be spent by state governments.

“The Biden administration has failed to respond to the crisis at the border and, in doing so, has failed the American people—Iowans included,” Reynolds declared in a statement.

“They have created one of the most significant national security and humanitarian crises of our generation and are blatantly ignoring the impact it’s having on our states, cities, and our people.

Since the administration refuses to invest in securing the border and protecting its citizens, Texas has asked other states to help, and Iowa is ready and willing to assist.”

Texas Governor Greg Abbott kicked off this trend of state governments trying to tackle the immigration enforcement question through his launch of Operation Lone Star in March 2021 to address the illegal alien Zerg Rush overwhelming the Lone Star State. 

Since Abbott rolled out this border enforcement plan, other Republican governors have deployed troops to bolster border security.

Per US Customs and Border Protection, US Border Patrol has encountered close to 6 million illegal aliens at the southern border since President Joe Biden was installed in office. Reynolds blames the Biden regime’s policies for the current crisis at the southern border.

“On his first day in office, President Biden reversed commonsense policies that protected the U.S. southern border and American citizens,” she declared.

“Since that time, our country has experienced a historic rise in illegal immigrants and illicit drugs entering our country. Two years later, every state is a border state and Iowa’s unique location at the intersection of two major interstates makes it a target for human traffickers and drug cartels.”

Per the governor’s office, the National Guard soldiers started their deployment on August 2. This deployment will last up until September 1. Throughout this time period, these National Guard units will help deter illegal aliens from crossing the border while also preventing the trafficking of drugs through Texas.  

On August 31, these troops will be accompanied by several Iowa State Patrol officers from the Iowa Department of Public Safety.

This deployment will end on October 2 and is designed to back up Texas State Troopers with criminal interdiction, crime prevention, traffic enforcement, and law enforcement aid.

Reynold’s latest troop deployment is the third time that she’s sent troops to the southern border since 2020.

Indeed, the solution to the mass migration crisis is likely not coming from the feds anytime soon. In the interim, states will have to step up and beef up border security. This will not only raise awareness for the issue, but give the country time in staving off a massive illegal alien rush that could demographically alter the country for generations to come. 

However, in the long-term, there must be concrete immigration restriction reforms to ensure that the country’s border and demographic stability is secure. For that to occur, the US will need to have America First nationalists in control of all branches of the federal government. 

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