Border Patrol Agents are Going Through Woke Re-Education

According to several reports, the Department of Customs and Border Protection is compelling Border Patrol agents and other staff to go through “unconscious bias” training.

A report from the Washington Free Beacon stated that agents are being educated on  “the impact of stereotypes and unconscious biases” in a seminar that Susan Fleming hosted. Fleming is described as an “expert in gender bias”.

In addition, the report explained that the seminar “will draw on academic research, business experience, and unique perspectives to explore the complex web of beliefs and biases that influence our interactions with colleagues, as well as discussing strategies for individuals and organizations to start overcoming unconscious biases.”

An anonymous Department of Homeland Security official told the Washington Free Beacon “CBP doesn’t have the people to properly patrol our nation’s borders but we do have the time to step away from work hours to have a conversation on ‘unconscious bias.’”

Steve Watson of Summit News, noted that this incident comes at a time when “the conduct of border patrol agents came into focus when the media and the Biden administration hyped up hysteria over photos appearing to show Haitian migrants being whipped by agents with horse reigns.”

The implementation of this kind of woke training is coming at the worst possible time. For example, in October, former chief of the Border Patrol Rodney Scott sounded the alarms on the unprecedented number of illegal aliens being allowed to cross the border, with north of 90% staying in the country illegally and not bothering to change the status of their illegal stay.

In addition, Scott pointed out that the Biden administration is still paying contractors who were supposed to construct the border wall up to $5 million daily, although all construction has been put on hold.

With regards to the surge of illegal aliens at the border, Scott declared that the Biden administration is intentionally “choosing not to take simple, common-sense steps to secure the border.”

“I personally participated in some of the transition meetings; my staff participated in all of the transition meetings; we made it very clear that if we dropped all the initiatives that had been put in place over the last several years that we would get an influx of mass migration that we would not be able to control,” he added.

“The result of that is the message goes out, and then instead of having a couple hundred encounters a day, we quickly went up to about 6,000 encounters a day,” Scott noted.

On top of that, Border patrol agents are being subjected to re-education training on vaccine mandates. According to CBP’s internal documents, roughly half of the CBP force could potentially be fired for refusing to get vaccinated.

Former chief operating officer of CBP Mark Morgan was able to obtain the internal report. He said to Fox News that Biden’s vaccine mandate is “going to take an agency that’s already gone through an unbelievable catastrophic crisis on the southwest border and deplete its resources further.”

The Left’s social experimentation is creating a dangerous situation in America. Functions like border security are integral parts of any nation that wants to remain functional. By subjecting border security to the whims of leftist fanatics,  America could be in for a nasty crime wave, as criminal actors across our border become emboldened by laxer border enforcement standards.

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