Border Patrol Agents Rescue Trafficked Child From Human Smugglers

Texas Customs and Border Patrol Agents rescued a minor being exploited by human smugglers last week, according to a press release from the federal agency.

Agents assigned to the Uvalde CBP station assisted Department of Homeland Security in investigating the smuggling activity. Two individuals were arrested for using the minor with hopes of utilizing an infamous illegal immigration loophole, falsely claiming to be a family unit in order to receive preferential treatment from immigration courts.

The individuals were later determined to be smugglers connected to criminal activity. CBP agents took custody of the child and properly cared for he or she after they were emancipated from the illegal migrants, who had no family connection to the child to speak of.

The infamous ‘family unit’ loophole continues to serve as an exploit for illegal immigrants, drug traffickers, and human smugglers to exploit America’s lawful immigration system. The Trump administration has committed to ending the rules that enable hundreds of thousands of illegals to cheat the system by treating supposed ‘family units’ the same as other illegals, but a fix to the problem has been delayed in the bureaucracy, where countless border security measures set forth by immigration patriots have been crushed by career government officials.

The two smugglers who have been busted exploiting a child to game the immigration system are being detained pending criminal charges. In the meantime, the patriots of Customs and Border Patrol are working to identify the poor soul’s parents to return them safely home.


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