Border Patrol Arrests Convicted Child Molester Near Yuma

Customs and Border Patrol has arrested a convicted child molester near Yuma, Arizona.

Juan Rojas Rodriguez was caught trying to enter the United States near the Colorado River by CBP agents, traveling with a group of Guatemalan family units. The 41-year old was convicted of sex offenses against a girl younger than 14 years old in California in 1996.

In spite of his sex crimes, the foreign national wasn’t deported from the United States until immigration authorities identified him as a deportable offender in prison in 2008.

Entering the United States illegally as a previously deported convicted felon makes offenders liable for additional criminal sanctions and penalties. Rodriguez will be charged as an aggravated previous offender, and the Guatemalan family units caught entering the country with him will be charged with immigration violations.

The presence of serious and dangerous sex offenders such as Rodriguez within the formations of illegal immigrants entering the United States makes the necessity of a crackdown on illegal migration more obvious than ever. Radical Democrats have blocked a planned Trump administration mass deportation operation, and continue to refuse cooperation in securing the southern border from dangerous infiltrators such as Rodriguez.

It’s possible Rodriguez was acting as a ‘coyote,’ or guide. Criminal elements within Mexico often accept money from destitute Central American migrants to shepherd them over the border. These Coyotes, who are often connected with serious drug cartels, are known to brutally exploit, rob, and even rape migrants.

Fortunately, President Trump has secured a renewed commitment to cooperation and border security from the government of Mexico. It remains to be seen if efforts from the Mexicans to deter Central American illegal immigrants from flooding the border will be effective.

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