Border Patrol Busts, Yemeni, Bangladeshi Illegal Aliens At Arizona Southern Border

Customs and Border Patrol agents arrested two groups of illegal immigrants who crossed the southern border with Mexico in Arizona this week. The authorities have revealed that the groups of aliens were from Yemen and Bangladesh, distant countries with national security implications.

Both groups of illegal travelers were arrested in the vicinity of Yuma, Arizona, and were apprehended on Tuesday. The first group of five Bangladeshi migrants was arrested near a county highway. Later in the day, CBP agents busted three Yemeni men who were found west the city of San Luis.

Yemen possesses one of the world’s most pervasive terrorist presences, with large swathes of the country controlled by Al Qaeda and Iranian-supported Shia Islamist groups respectively.

Federal authorities are currently investigating the backgrounds of the migrants for possible national security considerations. All of the men have been charged with immigration law violation.

It’s unusual yet not unprecedented for illegal immigrants to arrive at the southern border from far-fetched locations, but it’s even more questionable in the midst of the global coronavirus pandemic. Authorities have busted Russian, Syrian, and Iranian nationals attempting to infiltrate the southern border before.

Illegal border crossings have declined sharply in correlation with a new set of strict immigration restrictions, allowing for the prompt expulsion of illegal aliens outside of the convoluted and byzantine immigration court system during the coronavirus pandemic. With levels of illegal immigration declining considerably, the President and DHS are considering enacting the temporary coronavirus border restrictions on an extended basis to prevent further introduction of the disease into the country.

It’s possible the arrest of two different national groups on the same day suggests the involvement of sophisticated human smuggling rings.

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