Border Patrol Caught 230 Migrants in 39 Smuggling Cases Near Texas-Mexico Border

Border Patrol agents in the Del Río Sector caught over 230 migrants after conducting a series of operations to crack down on various human smuggling operations taking place close to the Texas-Mexico border.  According to Bob Price of Breitbart News, “the apprehensions took place since last Friday [November 12, 2021] in 39 highway smuggling incidents.”

In a Twitter post, Del Rio Sector officials posted a report demonstrating the continued efforts of agents preventing human smugglers from trafficking humans from the border region into the U.S. interior. In this tweet, sector officials revealed that there were 39 highway smuggling intersections being carried out over the course of several days. As a result of these interdictions, 230 migrants were apprehended.

October was the first month of the new fiscal year. In that month, Del Rio Sector agents apprehended over 28,000 migrants. In that period, Del Rio Sector became the second busiest of the 9 southwest border sectors, per the October Southwest Land Border Encounters report that U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials released. 

According to a report by Randy Clark of Breitbart Texas, Yuma Sector apprehension figures are quickly rising and are beginning to rival the Del Rio Sector for the second place spot. 

“Border Patrol agents in Yuma are encountering sizeable groups of migrants entering the United States illegally through gaps in border walls. More than 300 were apprehended in two large groups over a two-day period,” Clark stated. “On Monday, more than 200 migrants breached a border wall gap in a single event. On Sunday, 112 were apprehended at the same location.”

The Rio Grande Valley is still the busiest sector with 45,234 migrants being apprehended in October.

The Biden administration is clearly not up to the task of defending America’s border. The 2022 midterms should be used to remind Biden and company that their negligent open border policies will be met with a resounding political response.  According to a previous report by BLP, immigration remains one of the most important issues for Republican voters. If Republicans want to dominate in the midterms, they should run on strong immigration restriction platforms.

The time for playing nice with Open Borders Inc. is over. 

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