Border Patrol Officials Seize 6 Tons of Fentanyl Thus Far in 2023

According to a report by Bob Price of Breitbart, United States Customs and Border Protection officers confiscated over 12,000 pounds of fentanyl during the first four months of Fiscal Year 23.  This total is nearly the same amount that CBP officials seized in Fiscal Year 22. 

In December 2022, CBP officers confiscated 6,200 pounds of fentanyl. In December 2021, CBP officers seized only 523 pounds.

If this seizure pace continues, last year’s record-setting numbers will be easily shattered. In February, CBP officers  tasked with patrolling the Port of Nogales confiscated an additional 195,000 fentanyl pills and 2.03 pounds of fentanyl powder concealed in a vehicle crossing the border from Mexico.

A few days before, officers tasked with patrolling the Douglas Port of Entry discovered another smuggler trying to enter the US with 185 packages of blue pills that authorities determined to be fentanyl after conducting several tests. Officials say this fentanyl stash seized is roughly around 180,000 pills. 

Fentanyl is the real weapon of mass destruction that’s claiming the lives of tens of thousands of Americans’ lives. Sadly, the political class is more concerned with sending precious military resources to countries well outside of the Western Hemisphere — America’s traditional sphere of influence. Instead, those assets should be deployed at the US border to protect the country from the massive drug influx coming from Mexico and Central Mexico in addition to defending the Historic American Nation’s demographic integrity.

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