Border Wall Already Funded by DOD, Awaits Commander-In-Chief’s Go-Ahead

President Donald Trump has the authority to fully fund the border wall on the U.S.-Mexico border, according to a report in U.S. News and World Report and former U.S. House leadership.
U.S. News & World Report’s beefy report titled “Building a Wall in the Dark” details the means by which President Trump can fund the wall.

Though U.S. News and World Report and reporter Ryan Alexander are left-of-center — the article drips with naked anti-Trump assumptions — the facts force the writer to arrive inexorably, unavoidably at the conclusion that the border wall is fully-funded and under the Dept of Defense’s jurisdiction.

U.S. News’s contributing reporter Alexander provides readers with a blow-by-blow “how to” instructions for those interested in proper use of arcane (and often slippery) House rules.

Ryan details an amendment offered to remove Section 1039 from the Pentagon policy bill, H.R. 2810, that would allow the president to allocate Department of Defense dollars to construct a border wall.

That means Pentagon money could be spent to construct a border wall. In the normal process of things, this amendment would have been accepted by the Rules Committee and then debated and voted on by the full House of Representatives. But nothing about this amendment can be called normal.

Funding for the wall is right there in law, in plain English.  The mainstream media has of course continued to avoid all reporting on the clear fact that President Trump possesses the funding and the ability to build the wall

Perhaps it was deemed to be of no importance to public policy, and shelved; the mainstream media was also likely too busy fabricating their own cover-ups, like publishing endless lists of  anonymous sources and likely-fabricated stories to support false claims of Russian collusion so they can help mask Hillary Clinton’s and Robert Mueller’s Uranium One deal with Vlad Putin.

While his partisan bias is readily identifiable, the reporter confirms in no uncertain terms that “Pentagon money could be spent to construct a border wall.”

U.S. News Reporter Alexander continues, adding:

The Rules Committee took this one amendment and labeled it, “proposed to be adopted.” In the arcane world of U.S. House rules, this means that voting for the rule governing consideration of the bill was also voting for this amendment. This is known as a “self-executing rule.” The ranking Democrat on the committee, Rep. Louise Slaughter of New York, offered an amendment to strike the self-executing portion of the rule and was defeated in committee on a party-line vote of 4-8.

On the House floor, the vote on the full rule passed. [emphasis added]


Trump has wall funding at his disposal.

Some observers have claimed that Trump has since published a declaration establishing a “State of Emergency,” and that without it, he cannot spend money or even make mud bricks. Such a presumption is understandably counterintuitive, but that assertion is also false, according to both U.S. News and former Majority Leader Tom DeLay.

Trump does not need to declare an emergency to spend money he’s already been given, just to order construction that’s already been authorized, and that’s the stated conclusion put forward by former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, who spoke with Big League Politics about the border wall.

For two years, President Trump was forced to work with a non-compliant U.S. House led by Paul Ryan, and now Trump must work with a similarly non-compliant Nancy Pelosi.
A more thorough review of the 2017 appropriations measure originally authorizing Trump’s border wall reveals that all the president’s attempted solutions and end runs around the Pelosi-Schumer axis amount to spinning wheels at best, a distraction at worst, and definitively unnecessary.

Former Republican Majority Leader DeLay confirms this fact: The border wall is now completely funded, according to House rules as he’s always known them, says DeLay.

“So, I’m not surprised that they did it, especially if they are trying to get around the Senate. If the left says a rule is bad, that means they lost,” stated DeLay. “The House of Representatives is no democracy. There’s all kinds of ways you can manipulate votes.”

In fact, as DeLay notes, the wall is both authorized and full-funded as of FY 2017, meaning Americans have had to suffer through a lot of kabuki theater has commenced in the interloping period.

“He must know it. It’s like $3 billion dollars that they’re gonna take out of military construction. If they passed the defense authorization bill, then it makes sense,” stated DeLay.

In short, the wall is a “greenlight,” a “go,” without a countdown.

The original authorization passed out of the House of Representatives designates the Department of Defense (DOD) as the contractor that will supply the manpower, raw materials, and construction services for Trump’s wall. There are no “middlemen” in terms of Trump’s relationship to the military due to obvious constitutional and wartime protocols that make him Commander-In-Chief of the armed forces (when actually called into service, and they’ve been under the 2001 AUMF for over a decade now).

The current features of the political landscape seemingly preventing the president from building the wall include: limitations on emergency powers, the constant involvement of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and the often alleged hyper-partisan sabotage of Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

With the passage of H.B. 2810, those factors cease to exist, and the president is given much broader leeway to secure funding to construct the wall.

President Trump is quite likely genuinely ignorant of his current a ability to fund the wall.
While the rule is admittedly easy to overlook, and quirky, it’s also so central to the border wall debate that liberal journalists, likely fearful Trump might actually fund the wall, initially gave it plenty of attention. Only later did the media go silent on the mere existence of a possible funding discrepancy.
In the end, Trump has the wall funding he’s after, only it came in a tiny box. Time will tell if Big League Politics, U.S. News & World Report, and Tom DeLay helped him find it.

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