Boris Johnson Cautions Donald Trump to Not Halt United States Military Aid to Ukraine

Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson called on former United States President Donald Trump to not abandon US support for Ukraine if he assumed the presidency in 2024.

In a piece he penned for the Spectator following a visit to Ukraine, the former British prime minister warned a Russian victory in Ukraine could prove to be detrimental for a potential Trump administration.

“A Putin victory would be a catastrophe for the West and for American leadership, and I don’t believe it is an outcome that could easily be endured by a U.S. president, let alone one who wanted to Make America Great Again,” Johnson declared in the Spectator.

Johnson argued that if Ukraine is successful in beating back Russia, “then the reverse is true.”

“Exactly the opposite message will be sent around the world: that we do care about democracy, that we are willing to back our principles, and that the West still has the guts to stick at something until we succeed,” he continued.

Johnson’s comments came at a time when Ukrainian authorities have become increasingly concerned about what a Trump presidency would portend for Ukraine’s war effort against Russia. 

Since leaving public office in 2022, Johnson has continued pushing for increased military aid to Ukraine. Back in May, he participated in a private luncheon in Dallas, Texas as part of an attempt to win over skeptical Republicans on continuing the doling out of taxpayer funds to Ukraine. 

During that trip, Johnson dined with Trump. According to a Johnson spokesperson, the former British Prime Minister stressed “the vital importance of Ukrainian victory.”

Johnson is very much a part of the Anglo-American geopolitical establishment that wants nothing but perpetual war to be waged abroad. Especially, against countries like Russia, which often stands against the UK and the US geopolitically speaking. 

Johnson’s take on Ukraine should be completely ignored by Trump. America First is all about pursuing a foreign policy based on the US’s national interest, which means that this foreign policy will be one of realism and restraint.

That’s the foreign policy litmus test that all politicians must pass if they want to receive support from America First nationalists.

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