Boston Antifa: Police Horse Stabbing Was Justified Because the Animal is Racist

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Speaking to Fox News host Jesse Watters, a member of Boston Antifa who asked the network to identify him only as “Kevin” asserted that the stabbing of a police horse was justified because the animal was racist.

Kevin claims to have authored an open letter which was published to the anarchist website It’s Going Down that called for liberals and progressives to support violent Antifa tactics to oust President Donald Trump.

When questioned by Watters about his support for violence against the right, the anarchist claimed that they only support violence as self defense. In response, the Fox News host asked the young man about the fact that there is rarely hand to hand combat — but rather just a bunch of angry kids going around and vandalizing, looting, and setting fires in the streets.

“How is that self defense?” Watters asked. “Are you familiar with the violent actions your group has perpetrated?”

“You gotta take my word for it, it is in self defense against right wing aggression,” Kevin, who voted for Hillary Clinton, responded.

“Was it self defense when you firebombed a limousine during the inauguration?” Watters asked, referring to a vehicle owned by a Muslim immigrant that was torched in Washington, DC, on election day.

Responding to that incident, the increasingly uncomfortable seeming anarchist made a broad and unsubstantiated claim that “right wingers” go around causing chaos to blame on the black bloc.

“What about when an ANTIFA member stabbed a police horse in the neck with a knife? Was the horse a racist Trump supporter?” Watters asked.

Shockingly, the bespectacled man responded “yes,” leading Watters to laugh and assert that he was unaware that horses could vote.

The horse was stabbed with a flag pole that had a nail driven into one end by Lisa Simon, a female anarchist, who was counter protesting the Philadelphia March Against Sharia in June.

Simon’s goal was reportedly to get the horse to run into the crowd, causing chaos — completely unconcerned about the safety of those who could have potentially been trampled, or with the well being of the horse itself.

Luckily, the horse remained calm and professional — continuing to do its job.

Perhaps Kevin from Boston Antifa is correct and the horse is a Trump supporter after all. It has far too much work ethic to be an anarchist or Democrat.

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