BOSTON HERALD: Democrat ‘Russia’ Setup in Alabama Looks a Lot Like What Happened to Trump Campaign…

The mainstream press is now asking questions about the validity of Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller’s investigation into President Donald J. Trump for “Russian collusion” in the 2016 election.

“What if the president is right that the “Russian collusion” investigation really is a hoax waged by a witches brew of political foes to derail his administration?” the Boston Herald asked in a Sunday piece.

The reason for the Herald’s questioning? It is an incontrovertible fact that Judge Roy Moore was set up to look like a Russian dupe during his Senate race against Sen. Doug Jones (D-Ala.) who eventually eked out a victory.

Before we take a look at the Herald’s speculation, here’s a refresher on what happened to Moore:

As reported, Silicon Valley billionaire and LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman donated $750,000 to American Engagement Technologies, a firm run by a former Google employee named Mickey Dickerson.

That firm distributed $100,000 of that money to a cybersecurity firm called New Knowledge, run by Jonathon Morgan. Morgan used the cash to flood Moore’s Twitter account with apparent Russian bots in an effort to connect the campaign to Russian “meddling” in the 2016 presidential election. He also created Facebook pages intended to cause strife between Republicans in Alabama and split the vote between Moore and a write-in candidate. The operation was called “Project Birmingham.”

Internal company memos acknowledged that the goal of the operation was to “influence the outcome of the AL senate race.”

Now, The Herald is rightly questioning whether former FBI Director James Comey, who initially opened the investigation into Trump, did so with political motivations.

The paper said:

It doesn’t take a sleuth to see the similarities between what happened in Alabama and the origins of the ongoing special counsel investigation. For starters the Trump-hating FBI — led by James Comey — didn’t even bother to obtain the DNC server that Americans were told was hacked by the Russians. What proof do U.S. intelligence agencies have that John Podesta’s emails weren’t hacked by another foreign government and/or individuals who gave them to Wikileaks?

None — if you never bothered to analyze the server.

Voters would be naive to believe anything Comey’s FBI’s tells us when it used a “salacious and unverified” dossier paid for by the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee to spy on political opponents. A discredited dossier fabricated by Russian informants and an ex-British spy who was fired by the FBI for lying.

Not exactly confidence building.

Furthermore, it is key to remember that the investigation into “Russian meddling” was opened by Comey’s FBI in July of 2016, right during the heart of the election campaign, and was predicated on the idea that a Russian hacker compromised Hillary Clinton’s private email server in an effort to bolster the Trump campaign by exposing her “gross recklessness,” as Comey would later say. This served a dual purpose: cast doubt on then-candidate Trump and, if he won, serve as a giant sideshow after his election. It has certainly done that.

The modus operandi in the 2016 ‘Russian meddling” scheme and the operation against Judge Moore are almost identical. 

Finally, after two full years of investigating, the Mueller investigation has turned up zero evidence of “collusion” between Trump and the Russians.

Is “Russian collusion” just another dirty trick in the Democratic Party playbook?

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