Boston Immigrant Sets Off Homemade Explosives, Charged with Unlawful Possession of High Capacity Weapons

A Boston immigrant was charged Sunday night after Boston police and the FBI say he set off an explosion at his East Boston apartment early Sunday morning.

Although the explosion that blew out windows and caused an evacuation of the neighboring building occurred very early Sunday morning, police withheld the suspect’s name for over 12 hours, later identifying him as Tomas Mikula, 28.

According to police and the FBI, Mikula, who is believed to be from Czech Republic, was “playing” with bomb making materials when he set off an explosion in his second floor apartment on Webster Street, which blew out the windows and walls of his apartment, sending debris and glass onto the street.

As a result of the explosion, Mikula sustained second-degree burns and was later transported to and hospitalized at Massachusetts General Hospital.

When police, FBI, and ATF investigators searched Mikula’s apartment, they found bomb making materials, including PVC pipe, chemical compounds, along with a rifle, two handguns, and 100 rounds of ammunition.

However, despite the overwhelming evidence that Miklua was making explosives inside his apartment, Boston Police Commissioner William Evans said, “We don’t believe there’s anything to do with terrorism. It’s just someone who has some weapons in there & is playing around w/ chemicals &, you know, some powder, & it looks like that blew up on him.”

Mayor Marty Walsh said Sunday that it does not appear that Mikula has any ties to terrorism, but that the motive is under investigation.

It is unclear how Commissioner Evans and Mayor Walsh could rule out terrorism before a full investigation was conducted into this newest Boston bombing, but as history has shown, the FBI and Boston Police Department don’t have the best track record when it comes to tracking down and preventing Boston bombers from setting off explosions.

On April 15, 2013, 19-year-old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and 26-year-old Tamerlan Tsarnaev set off two homemade pressure cooker bombs at the Boston Marathon, killing 3 and wounding nearly 260 people. The brothers, who were Muslim immigrants from Kyrgyzstan used the internet to learn how to make the homemade explosives that sparked a massive investigation that ultimately led to the entire city of Boston being shut down.

It was later revealed that the FBI was aware of the Tsarnaev brothers before they carried out their deadly attack, but failed to prevent the terrorist attack, a pattern that is becoming all too familiar within the FBI. In 2011, the FSB, the Russian intelligence agency sent a correspondence to the FBI addressing concerns about Tamerlan Tsarnaev and the Tsarnaev family. By 2011, the Tsarnaevs, a Muslim family of Chechen ancestry, had been living in Massachusetts for nearly one decade, where they received over $100,000 from taxpayers in welfare benefits.

Comparisons can be drawn to this newest Boston bombing involving Mikula, an immigrant who also set off an explosion who has been living in Boston for well over a decade.

Prior to setting off an explosion, Mikula had already acquired a lengthy criminal record. Police say he has a criminal history, including credit card and identity theft charges, theft charges, and a 2009 firearm conviction.

Late Sunday evening, Mikula was charged with unlawful possession of explosives, unlawful possession of an incendiary device, willful ignition/discharge of a destructive or incendiary device, unlawful possession of a firearm (handgun), unlawful possession of a firearm (rifle), unlawful possession of ammunition, and unlawful possession of a high capacity firearm.

On Monday afternoon, Mikula was arraigned from his hospital bed where he is facing multiple charges. Mikula pleaded not guilty to all of the charges and will be held on $200,000 cash bail. If Mikula posts bail after he recovers from his second degree burns, the judge will order him to surrender his passport, he will nit be allowed to go back to his house on Webster Street, and he will be ordered to wear a GPS tracking device.

This is a developing story that Big League Politics is closely monitoring and investigating.

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