Boston Man Charged With Firing 11 Shots at Police Officers During Mass Looting

A Suffolk County man has been federally charged with assaulting officers with a firearm in connection to a shooting in Boston that occurred in early June. John Boampong, 37, has been previously charged by local authorities with 21 counts of armed assault with intent to murder.

It’s alleged that Boampong became irate with police when his vehicle was stopped in the vicinity of a store that had been looted en masse during Boston’s George Floyd riots. He left the area, only to return and allegedly fire off 11 rounds in the direction of police officers securing the area. No one was wounded in the shooting, although there were property damages.

The area in which Boampong allegedly went off on the shooting rampage- the intersection of Arlington and Boylston streets in Boston- had been full of civilians as well as law enforcement officers. He was arrested that night.

Boampong, who was arrested on June 1st and charged with the state offenses, is being federally charged with one count each of assaulting a federal officer, interfering with a law enforcement officer during the commission of a civil disorder, and being a prohibited person under felony indictment in possession of a firearm and ammunition. He had been prohibited from gun ownership, as he was currently awaiting trial on a separate criminal charge entailing a prison sentence of more than one year, making him a prohibited possessor in Massachusetts.

The Massachusetts man faces a prison sentence of up to 20 years for the federal charges.

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