Boulder, Colorado Police Investigating After Woman Allegedly Assaults 12-Year Old Boy Over Trump Sign

Boulder, Colorado police are reporting an incident in which an adult woman allegedly assaulted a 12-year boy over the presence of a Donald Trump sign on his bicycle.

A woman driving a moped stopped her vehicle when she noticed a Trump sign on the bike, and began to confront the boy. The assault happened at around 3PM on the corner of Folsom Street and Glenwood Drive.

The woman allegedly struck the child four or five times with a closed fist, and went on to scratch him numerous times.

Police are still working to identify and apprehend the suspect, who has been described as in her 20’s or 30’s. The police have stated that the attack was motivated by her identification of the Trump sign, and she told the child she’d “give him something to look at” before attacking him.

Two women were caught on camera and later arrested for an incident in which they attacked and terrorized a boy who was holding a Trump sign and wearing a MAGA hat outside the Democrat convention in Milwaukee last month. They’ve been charged with first-degree robbery and endangering the welfare of a child.

Hopefully the woman responsible for attacking a child over political speech will soon be apprehended and held accountable for her act of violence.

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