Box Office Hit: ‘Sound of Freedom’ Earns $85M In Only Two Weeks Despite Media Smearing And Recorded Oddities At Local Movie Theaters

It’s official – Angel Studios’ low-budget, faith-based film Sound of Freedom is a smash hit.

The leftist mainstream media didn’t want Americans to see it, yet the movie starring Jim Caviezel has already roped in a whopping $85 million in only two weeks.

This puts Sound of Freedom as the only movie outside the Christmas season to ever see second-weekend ticket sales increase over 35%.

As reported by Big League Politics, the film was expected to hit $40 Million after its opening weekend

Right after it reached over $10 Million in pre-sale tickets.

The “eye-opening true story” explores the depths of human trafficking and child sex trafficking around the world. 

It’s topic is heavy. Viewers know that. And they still decided to spend their money to go see it. That speaks epic volumes. Especially considering the mainstream media did everything they could to smear the film and link it to right wing extremism and QAnon.

Mind you, this is the same media who praised the pro-pedophile movie Cuties. Showcasing just how hypocritical the overall coverage has been for Angel Studios’ box office hit.

With all that being said, viewers have been posting strange interactions they have had in movie theaters when trying to watch the film, such as a broken AC.

This has made viewers question the involvement of activist theater employees or owners trying to prevent people from seeing the film.

From Newsweek:

Since its debut on July 4, multiple videos and posts have gone viral across various social media platforms with accusations viewers are being prevented from seeing the film at AMC Theatres and Regal Cinemas venues by different means, including lights coming on and other technical issues.

The most recent video to go viral showed cinema workers apologizing to people in a theater, with one heard saying, “this is not our fault… we have to accommodate everyone and then we will restart the film.”

Regardless of what’s going on, one thing is certain: none of these attempts to derail viewership is working. 

For context, there have only been 10 major releases in film history that have seen a 35% or more increase in sales during their second weekend in theaters. And all of those, excluding Sound of Freedom, have been movies released around Christmas.

That says a lot. 

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