Boy Scouts Could Declare Bankruptcy After Gender Experiments

Another storied American institution, the Boy Scouts of America, looks as if it may be set to declare bankruptcy before the year’s end, presenting serious challenges to the future of the national organization.

The Boy Scouts began as a civic endeavor to instill the values of resiliency, self-dependence, and teamwork in America’s young men all the way back in 1910.

Now, the organization seems to have forgotten many of the principles its original founders sought to advance in society- beginning to resemble just another organ of cultural progressivism in America.

The Boy Scouts of America, or BSA, began to alienate many of the generational patrons and participants in the organization when it embraced radical changes to its mission with the hopes of pleasing coastal elite progressives and liberals. The final straw for many came when the Scouts announced they’d become a gender-inclusive organization, turning their back on their original vision of being a young men’s organization to cater to both boys and girls. The female equivalent of the Boy Scouts, the Girl Scouts, were less than happy with the organization’s decision, and are in ongoing litigation over a proposed name change of the Boy Scouts to merely ‘Scouts.’ 

Official membership of the BSA had plummeted when it ceased to be a young men’s organization. The group recently hired bankruptcy lawyers to chart a path forward.

Changes to the Boy Scouts led to one of oldest supporters, the Mormon Church, severing its longtime relationship with the organization. The LDS (or Mormon) Church had objected when the Scouts decided to allow openly gay adult men to serve in leadership roles within the organization, and it had seemed making the Scouts co-ed was the final straw.

The Scouts had also been troubled by a series of child abuse lawsuits dating back decades, which in some respects resembled the epidemic of pedophilic abuse seen throughout the Catholic Church. Court rulings in favor of abuse victims may have played a part in making the organization’s finances untenable, and declaring bankruptcy would lift the many of the financial obligations incurred from abuse lawsuits.

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