‘Boys Can Be Princesses Too’ Project Puts Little Boys in Dresses to Normalize Gender Bending

A photographer from Chicago has created the “Boys Can Be Princesses Too” project to break down gender norms and encourage young boys to become cross-dressers.

Kitty Wolf, a preschool teacher who once ran Princesscapades Princess Parties, claims that she founded this new project to combat toxic masculinity.

“They’re told it’s not manly, or macho, or normal,” Wolf said regarding the stigma of putting a young boy in a dress. “This leads boys to feel ashamed of their interests, confused, sad, and lonely.”

“I simply feel that a child’s imagination should not be limited by their gender,” Wolf added. “Therefore, our goal here is to show these boys and world that it is perfectly acceptable for boys to admire and even dress like princesses. I want to show them it’s ok for boys to dress up as their heroes, even if that means they’re twirling around in a ball gown.”

While Wolf may have noble intentions with her project, her efforts are feeding into the child-grooming agenda of the LGBT movement.

Sexual predators have already been caught administering “Drag Queen Story Hour” events – which are pushed under a similar pretense of acceptance as Wolf’s project – throughout the country:

Another sexual predator has been found grooming children at a “Drag Queen Story Hour” events in Texas, this time at an elementary school in Austin.

David Robinson, whose drag queen name is Miss Kitty Litter ATX, read stories to children at the Blackshear Fine Arts Academy on Oct. 7. The school district apparently knew about Robinson’s record as a sex offender before allowing him to speak to the children while cross-dressing as well…

The Austin Intermediate School District (AISD) assured parents that Robinson was properly screened despite his history as a sex offender.

“According to emails sent to parents,” Texas Values points out, “the reading event was scheduled to take place at 11 a.m. and all readers had been screened by Austin ISD.”

Previously, an Austin school on the other side of the district featured a drag queen who put make-up on children all day despite not being licensed to do so. The most liberal city in Texas seems to be emerging as a vanguard for the pedo-acceptance movement…

Two other sexual predators were found to be administering “Drag Queen Story Hour” events in Houston earlier this year.

Wolf hopes that it becomes commonplace for little boys to wear dresses due to her efforts.

“The more photos of boys playing princess we put out there, the more people will see them and the more normal it will become!” her website reads.

LGBT predators are undoubtedly licking their lips because of Wolf’s project.

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