Bradley Beal Calls Out Vaccine Failure As The NBA’s Medical Freedom Revolution Continues

The leftist media is melting down because some NBA players are putting up resistance to the Coronavirus vaccine. Brooklyn Nets point guard Kyrie Irving, who plays for the hipster media’s favorite team, is refusing to get vaccinated and the media is freaking out about it. Sports Illustrated laid it on thick, writing that Irving could “derail” the Nets’ championship hopes with his anti-vaccine stance, which reportedly disqualifies him from playing home games, according to New York law. But Irving has made a lot of money in the league and as he told reporters, “I’m a human being first.”

Washington Wizards guard Bradley Beal is vocally defending his decision not to take the experimental Coronavirus injection. “With the guidelines that the league makes and everything, the protocols they’re doing, it kind of makes it difficult on us to where they kind of force us in a way to want to get it. At the end of the day, I talk it over with my family and we make a decision what’s best for us,” Bradley Beal said.

“Every player, every person in this world is going to make their own decision for themselves,” Bradley Beal stated to reporters badgering him at a Wizards media session. “I would like an explanation to, you know, people with vaccines, why are they still getting COVID? If that’s something that we are supposed to highly be protected from…It doesn’t eliminate anybody from getting COVID. Right? So everybody, is everybody in here vaxxed? I would assume, right? So you all can still get COVID, right?”

“Yeah I had it, but that doesn’t mean I can’t get it again. You know? I mean, it’s no different than somebody with a vaccine. Yes, I developed antibodies for it so my chances will be less likely now as well, right? But, it’s still a possibility I may get it. Just like there are players and coaches and staff who are vaxxed and missing camp right now because of it, so…”

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