Brainwashing? Creepy YouTube Series Teaches Kids To Scream When They See Trump

Radical Cram School Left Wing Propaganda

A new series of videos, Radical Cram School, instructs children to scream when they see President Donald Trump, call white people “gross,” and repeat left wing propaganda on cue.

Social justice comedian Kristina Wong plays a teacher in the new YouTube series. The videos begin with Wrong explaining that children will learn “about social justice, revolution, and how to be powerful in the body that you have.”

She begins video one video by addressing the children as “comrades” and immediately shows them a photo of Harvey Weinstein, which she says is her test to see if they have been “tainted by the patriarchy.”

The children immediately express disgust. When Wong asks about their reaction, the camera cuts to a close up of one child who says, “There’s just like, this thing about white people, that just makes me be like…” while making an unpleasant face. Another child says if she saw a white person in a pool she would leave the pool to get away.

When she shows the children a photo of President Trump, the group simply screams loudly for several seconds as Wong held the photo. Wong then asks the children what they know about him, to which they respond in a chorus, “He’s bad!”

A young child in the front row jokes, “I want to fire him! He wants to build the wall,” at which point Wong asks the children what they think of the wall, leading to a shockingly mature answer from a child who was previously screaming at a photo of President Trump and yelling “he’s bad” moments prior.

“It is blocking opportunity for people that don’t live in America to come here for a better opportunity,” said the child.

Wong then shows a picture of the popular children’s character Hello Kitty, and asks the youngsters why they thought character did not have a mouth. This evokes another complicated answer from a small child.

“The people who created her didn’t want Asian girls to speak up about who they were,” the child said, with help from one of her peers.

Wong concluded, “Very profound.”

Wong is a self-described artist and comedian who says her work is “subversive, humorous, and endearingly inappropriate.” Her bio reveals the purpose of Radical Cram School is to teach “social justice to Asian American kids 7-11.”

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