Brave Women With Firearm Stops a Suspected Terrorist at Corpus Christi Naval Air Station

On May 21, Adam Alsahli, a Jihadi, made an attempt to break through the gate at the Naval Air Station Corpus Christi (NASCC).

The 20-year-old naturalized American citizen was instantly met with resistance from security forces.

One of the sailors who stopped Alsahli was a female with a handgun.

Gun Owners of America (GOA) Texas Director Rachel Malone issued a statement praising the sailor for her heroics:

It is despicable when evil people such as this suspected terrorist attempt to carry out evil plans to take innocent life. I am thankful that the sailor at the Corpus Christi Naval Air Station was prepared to defend the base and that she took quick and decisive action to stop the threat. The sailor used her handgun to shoot back and thwart a potential terror attack. Because she was armed and trained, she undoubtedly saved many lives. I wish her a full and speedy recovery.

This result is consistent with FBI reports which show that when an attacker is confronted by an armed bystander, casualties during the mass killing are either prevented or mitigated 94 percent of the time.

Regarding the data it presented, Gun Owners of America continues to encourage all military bases to repeal bans on handgun carry so that military personnel can be able to defend themselves at any given moment.

Of all people, America’s bravest should not be deprived of their God-given right to self-defense.

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