Brazilian President Gives Speech At U.N. General Assembly Unvaccinated, Eats In Manhattan Openly

These few days will see the United Nations General Assembly be conducted, ushering in world rulers from all around the world in yet another attempt to stealthily usurp power from national governments. However, the first speech of this year’s assembly was given by a leader who many consider the Southern Hemisphere’s equivalent of Donald Trump, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro.

According to The Epoch Times, the Brazilian President gave his speech on the 21st of September in person, unlike CCP leader and Winnie the Pooh lookalike Xi Jin Ping. Having decisively come into power in 2018 on a tide of support for law and order policies, Bolsonaro represented a stark contrast to what his corrupt socialist political adversaries would have done, saying that “We support vaccination efforts. However, my administration has not supported a vaccine or health passport or any other vaccine-related obligation,” thereby making him a far more effective defender of personal freedom than the regime that currently occupies the White House.

Bolsonaro has done much to combat crime and socialism in Brazil over these past three years

Indeed, while nearly 9 in 10 adults in Brazil have been at least partially vaccinated, Bolsonaro has no plans to turn the remaining population into second-class citizens, a sharp turn of events in a country that was a military dictatorship barely three decades prior.

“We cannot understand why many countries together with a large portion of the media took a stance against early treatment measures,” Bolsonaro said. “History and science will certainly be wise enough to hold everyone accountable.”

Bolsonaro went on to criticize the draconian lockdown measures that many countries did in a futile attempt to trade freedom for security, saying that they have “left a legacy of inflation, particularly in foodstuffs all over the world.” which even the World Bank has admitted as being responsible for driving up to 150 million people globally back into extreme poverty.

President Bolsonaro went on to become a thorn in the side of New York City Mayor and medical tyrant Bill De Blasio by flaunting NYC’s vaccination rules that have effectively reduced the unvaccinated population to second-class citizens by denying them access to the basic necessities of modern urban life. Indeed, while NYC does require proof of vaccination in order to enter restaurants and other indoor facilities, Bolsonaro brazenly (some would say epicly) ignored those rules and went around Manhattan with members of his delegation to enjoy “Luxury dining in NYC” according to a tweet made by one of the ministers that joined him.

NYC’s resident head medical tyrant de Blasio did not waste the opportunity to gain social media brownie points from his fawning class of overeducated liberal sycophants during a news conference on the 20th of September. “We need to send a message to all the world leaders, including most notably Bolsonaro from Brazil, that if you intend to come here, you need to be vaccinated,” de Blasio said. Whether Bolsonaro will respond with a quick-witted counter or simply ignore the unhinged mayor remains to be seen.

Some would classify Bolsonaro’s stance as “manspreading”. Not that he would care.

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