Brazilian President Lula Attacks Online “Hate Speech” and “Disinformation”

During a UN event held at Paris, titled “Internet for Trust”, regulators, public officials, Big Tech executives, journalists, and other prominent actors gave talks about ways to halt “online hate speech.”

Brazilian Secretary of Digital Policies Joao Brant was chief among those individuals calling for the regulation of online speech. At the event, he read a statement that President Luiz Inacio “Lula” da Silva drew up regarding this topic. 

Lula praised the many benefits of the digital era but also lamented the growing degree of social inequality that it has brought about. 

The Brazilian president also expressed his concern with how Internet platforms facilitate poor communication among people, health threats, and hate speech. As for the second point, Lula asserted that “disinformation” regarding the Wuhan virus has led to “thousands of deaths.”

Lula claimed that online hate speech is harming people on a daily basis. He stressed that these individuals are the most vulnerable. The Brazilian president called attention to recent developments surrounding his controversial election in 2022, specifically the protests that ensued. 

Lula is of the view that the post-election protests against him were facilitated by messaging applications and online platforms. He added that the “campaign” targeting him was largely organized on the Internet and “used the same method to generate acts of violence elsewhere in the world.”

The Brazilian president wants to halt all of this speech. Instead, he called on “the international community needs from now on to work to give effective answers to these challenging questions of our times.”

Lula is an interesting character. While he has nominally aligned himself with the United States’ Eurasian rivals in China and Russia, Lula still has embraced many of the globalist class’s pet projects such as mass vaccination and Internet censorship.

Under Lula’s predecessor, Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil nominally had the chance of breaking its socio-economic plateau as a developing country. However, with Lula at the helm, Brazil will continue to be “the country of tomorrow” — marked by bad governance, high crime, and economic instability.

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