BREAKING: Thousands Of Cattle Suddenly Dead In Kansas, Ranchers: ‘It’s Not Heat’

A video filmed in Kansas panning across acres of farmland showed a seemingly endless amount of recently passed cattle. Estimates of the death toll are currently at 10,000+. 

You will eat bugs, and you will be happy! No, that’s not a joke, it’s just the sustainable mantra of the World Economic Forum. Who doesn’t want to buy a bag of edible insects at their local grocery store?

Such insect-filled realities may be more imminent than some Americans have been led to believe. Recent viral videos shared by American journalists show a sight one may have previously only seen in a horror movie: thousands upon thousands of cattle lined up dead in a seemingly endless video panning across farmland in Kansas.

One clip was shared by journalist Ian Miles Cheong, who shared the post claiming that an estimated 10,000 cattle died from what he described as “extreme heat and humidity.”

“Even thousands more dead in Nebraska. Looks like a meat shortage is coming, in addition to the wheat shortage. You will eat the bugs. You will own nothing. You will be happy,” he added.

However, it appears many disagreed with Cheong’s assessment that the cows passed due to heat alone, as evident in the comments and his own acknowledgment later on.

“Judging from all the replies to this post from ranchers we can probably concede that the official reason (“extreme heat death”) is probably bullshit,” replied Cheong on the same thread. “This needs more thorough investigation.”

This was further corroborated by Tennesse congressional candidate Robby Starbuck, who claimed he spoke with multiple ranchers that insisted on the need for an investigation as they believe “there’s no way heat caused 10,000+ cattle to drop dead.”

The news comes as a massive amount of food processing plants have suddenly begun to burn down around the country in 2022. Reports indicate that 18 processing plants have burned down in the past several months alone, including in San Antonio, TX, Lackawanna County, PA, St. Clair County, IL, Salinas, CA, El Paso, TX, and more. Reuters, an organization known for pushing Fake News despite their claims to the contrary, has already been working in overtime to “fact-check” conservatives and others who dare to point out blatant realities that Americans can see with their own eyes.

While the vast majority of the mainstream media has blatantly tried to ignore or brush off such occurrences, American journalist Tucker Carlson reported on the matter in April.

Meanwhile, White House Occupant Joe Biden, also known as “Sleepy Joe” in some conservative circles, is blaming the food shortages on Putin.

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