BREAKING AUDIO: NBC News and CNN Both Cold-Calling Brett Kavanaugh Yale Classmates

NBC News has been cold-calling Brett Kavanaugh’s Yale classmates during his Supreme Court confirmation process, joining CNN in the ranks of mainstream news organizations that have stoked concern among the various people who might have crossed paths with Kavanaugh over the years.

Big League Politics has exclusively obtained audio of an NBC News reporter named Kaitlin cold-calling one of Brett Kavanaugh’s Yale classmates in a bid to find out “what it was like at Yale in the Eighties, and whether or not you knew Judge Kavanaugh.”

Listen to the audio of the call, with the reporter’s phone number bleeped out:


Facebook decided to censor evidence that CNN producer Scott Bronstein was cold-calling Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s former classmates in a bid to dig up dirt on the President Trump pick.

Mark Zuckerberg’s platform also decided to ban the user who posted the audio. The user who posted the audio was subsequently re-instated to Facebook.

“This is what happens when you post an actual recording of a CNN producer’s dirty journalism on Facebook. #banned So wrong!,” tweeted Amy Dryden, who posted the Bronstein clip on Facebook after a friend sent it to her. She got access to her account back after about one day.

Dryden also made clear that the number Bronstein provided on the audiotape was not Bronstein’s personal number, writing:

“For critics saying FB banned me for leaving CNN producers tel # in his VM I posted…my friends he called have unpublished #. He found it, invading their privacy, and has been calling them all week. Tel # in video of VM I posted was a CNN tel #- NOT producers personal #.”

Facebook also censored our viral report on the audiotape, even though we carefully bleeped out the CNN phone number, which he left on his message for the random Kavanaugh classmate.

“Facebook took down the original post of this. It had nearly 150,000 views and 6,000+ shares. FB censoring conservatives again,” said Todd Schurk, linking to a Big League Politics report.

Here is our original report in full with the phone number bleeped out:

CNN producer Scott Bronstein is caught on tape calling around to Brett Kavanaugh’s Yale classmates from the class of ’87.

“Sender’s husband is a Yale grad and CNN is proactively contacting ‘87 Yale graduates who were in Pierson Residential College to try to dig up dirt on Kavanaugh,” Amy Dryden wrote on Facebook.

The media has now put forward two sexual impropriety accusers: Palo Alto-based left-wing activist professor Christine Blasey Ford, and former George Soros Open Society Foundations senior fellow Deborah Ramirez, also a professor. But so far no concrete evidence has implicated Kavanaugh in any wrongdoing.

Here is Bronstein’s call to one Yale graduate. Big League Politics deleted the number for Bronstein from the audiotape:

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