Board of Governors Announces Silent Sam Is Going Back Up!

Thom Goolsby of the University of North Carolina Board of Governors announced in a message to the taxpayers that the Silent Sam statue honoring Confederate soldiers will be returned to its place on campus grounds.

Silent Sam was pulled down in a riot Monday night led by Antifa members and UNC professor Dwayne Dixon. While the media celebrates the destruction of property, many patriots and alumni and members of the Chapel Hill community have expressed outrage, and numerous complaints are being filed with police about assaults that occurred at the riot.

Goolsby announced that the Board will make sure “the perpetrators are punished, judgment is sought for their felonious criminal acts.”

“North Carolina General Statute 100-2.1 requires that the Silent Sam statue be placed back on the campus within 90 days of it being pulled down. We will make sure that the laws of our state are enforced,” Goolsby said.

The Board was clearly outraged at the actions of UNC Chancellor Holt and the entire demonic scene that occurred on a campus where students were put in grave danger, and the Board has been acting quietly to assure stakeholders and taxpayers that criminality will not be tolerated.

The actions of the UNC police are currently under review, according to a statement the UNC board president made Wednesday night.

Video footage shows University of North Carolina campus police officers in Chapel Hill responding in unison to an order to stop guarding the Silent Sam statue just moments before the statue was pulled down by Antifa protesters and students on Monday night.

Watch the stand-down order being given at the 4:00 Minute Mark in this video “Silenced Sam” posted to Vimeo by the user rumor. The police walk away from their guard position and allow the destruction to happen:

Silenced Sam from rumur on Vimeo.

The chancellor of the University of North Carolina issued a statement that very night declaring that there were no injuries at the violent Antifa protest, but that simply is not true. I witnessed people getting hit with smoke bombs and wrestling on the ground, and reporting a fistfight to police.

Campus police confirmed to me Wednesday that there have been numerous complaints filed since Monday about incidents at the rally.

I was assaulted by current University of North Carolina professor Dwayne Dixon in an incident that was captured on video. I continue to call for Dixon’s firing for his central role in leading the protest on campus grounds that resulted in the illegal destruction of property. Dixon’s assault of me is now being officially investigated by police:

Margarita Sitterson, granddaughter of a former UNC chancellor whose surname is on one of the campus buildings, admitted in a video interview with Big League Politics that she was one of the people who tore down Silent Sam with rope.

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