Charlottesville Antifa Leader Arrested At UNC

Antifa leader Josh Mascharka was arrested at an anti-Silent Sam riot on the University of North Carolina campus Saturday, marking the third arrest at UNC of a left-wing radical who is also confirmed to have been in Charlottesville, Virginia during the 2017 deadly melee. (RELATED: Silent Sam Destroyers Identified As The Antifa Leaders From Charlottesville).

Antifa radical leader Sam Carey and other Charlottesville militants have returned to the UNC campus since Silent Sam’s downfall. UNC cultural anthropology professor and “Redneck Revolt” militia leader Dwayne Dixon has been charged for assault against me at the protest that downed Silent Sam.

ABC 11 reports: “Streets were shut down Saturday night in Chapel Hill as two opposing groups gathered on the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill campus for another Silent Sam protest. Officials said that eight people were arrested over the course of the protest.”

Here is an image of one of the arrests:

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