BREAKING: Federal Courthouses Closed in Portland After Left-Wing Terrorists Threaten Attack with Explosive-Laden Vehicle

Federal courthouses in Portland are being closed temporarily after a credible left-wing terror threat in which the buildings were allegedly going to be targeted by a vehicle filled with explosives.

Portland’s federal bankruptcy court and the Mark O. Hatfield United States Courthouse have been closed along with a federal building close to the Lloyd Center. They were closed because of a threat that was made on Thursday. The FBI is currently investigating the source of the threat.

This comes after left-wing politicians and journalists made up the lie that violence was only occurring because President Donald Trump had deployed federal forces in Portland to maintain order.

“On the morning of July 4th, the DHS Rapid Deployment Force implemented tactics intended to positively identify and arrest serious offenders for crimes such as assault, while protecting the rights of individuals engaged in protected free speech activity,” Federal Protective Services regional director Gabriel Russell wrote about the federal operation in Portland.

The president eventually acquiesced to Portland liberal officials and pulled federal forces back at their behest. However, this has only caused the left-wing violence and terror to worsen. Just the other day, a leftist mob viciously beat an individual after pulling him out of his car.

Big League Politics has reported on how the Portland prosecutor has given domestic terrorists free reign to commit an orgy of destruction on the streets:

Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt confirmed that his office plans to drop criminal charges pending against a majority of the Portland rioters on Tuesday, establishing de facto immunity for ANTIFA militants to commit a wide range of riot crimes in the city.

Leftist rioters charged with interfering with police, disorderly conduct, criminal trespass, escape or harassment will not be criminally prosecuted, unless they’re accused of offenses that involve “deliberate” property crimes, theft, or the use of force against another person.

“What we’re doing is recognizing that the right to speak and have your voice heard is extremely important,” said Schmidt at a Tuesday press conference, hailing the leftist street criminals who have terrorized the community and attacked a federal courthouse for weeks on end. “If you’re out there committing violence, you’re damaging property, those cases are going to be prosecuted. If you’re a person who is out there demonstrating and you get caught up in the melee, those are the kinds of cases that we’re talking about.”

The release of charges against anyone not accused of serious property or violent crimes all but ensures that the wide majority of ANTIFA rioters will not be prosecuted. A handful of individuals will be given slaps on the wrist.

Schmidt went on to deliver a stern warning that he would not tolerate any further crimes, but the message is clear. The streets of Portland belong to ANTIFA gangs now, and anyone who dares to interfere will be left to their devices.

If President Trump is not re-elected by the American people, every city will look like Portland before long. The future of the country will be decided in November.

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