BREAKING: Large Migrant Caravan Has Left Tapachula, Mexico For US

A large migrant caravan leaving Tapachula, Mexico, headed for the United States.

Footage posted by Disclose TV and originally obtained from Mexico-based journalist Gabriela Warkentin showed a large number of migrant caravans leaving a Tapachula, Mexico, presumably headed for the US border.

Politico Mexico reportedly said that the migrants come mostly from Central America and carry banners that read things like “We come in peace” and “Joe Biden is for everyone.”

Attempts by Mexican authorities to stop the migrants appear to be falling flat, with video footage showing a migrant caravan overrunning a roadblock set up by forces of the ‘Mexican Instituto Nacional de MigraciĆ³n.’

The disaster of unprecedented levels of illegal immigration occurring at the United States border has remained unaddressed by the Biden adminstration, with levels now so high that Border Patrol arrests are approaching its highest level in 35 years. Among the current fiscal year’s arrests by Border Patrol were over 608,000 Mexican nationals, 309,000 arrests of Hondurans, 279,000 Guatemalans, and around 96,000 migrants from El Salvador. There were also around 367,000 arrests of illegal aliens from Haiti, Venezuela, Ecuador, Cuba, Brazil, and other countries. With how bad the border situation is now even some Texas Democrats have recently demanded that the Biden Administration make an emergency declaration at the border.

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