BREAKING: Larry Elder Tells Supporters To ‘Stay Tuned’ After California Recall Loss

Former California gubernatorial recall election candidate & radio show host Larry Elder delivering a speech to supporters following Newsom’s win.

The California gubernatorial recall election is now essentially over, with Gavin Newsom remaining as governor of California while receiving approximately 65% of the vote and 34% against him respectively.

Popular political radio show host Larry Elder, who was the top contender against Newsom in the recall election effort gave a speech to many of his supporters following the news.

“Let’s be gracious in defeat,” Elder told the group, before adding “by the way, we may have lost the battle, but we are going to win the war!”

Elder then discussed California state policy issues with the crowd ranging from the failed public education system & his desired “school choice” proposals to the large uptick in crime following increasingly softer criminal justice policies including mass statewide jailbreaks for violent felons.

Discussion on the state then pivoted to other topics, including the disastrous economic outcomes saying that “CEO Magazine” has ranked California as the least business-friendly state in the country for 17 years in a row. Elder also pointed out that the state has the country’s highest income tax, which is also helping drive businesses and citizens alike to leave at record-high rates.

Larry Elder offered some hope during the speech as well, saying that “we are now forcing” the government of California to do a better job on “homelessness,” “education,” “energy” and other issues.

The former candidate and radio show host also called the left-wing media’s hypocrisy on issues of race, saying that they had very little outrage over a white woman in a gorilla mask egging him in a racist attack just about a week ago.

“What do you think would have happened if a candidate such as Barack Obama running for president had a white woman in a Gorilla mask throw an egg at him?” Elder said to the crowd. “Frontpage news Washington Post. Frontpage news New York Times: ‘Systemic racism alive and well in America!’ They would have been talking about it in Bangladesh. But with me? Nothing!”

“I have an R at the end of my name and suddenly I’m no longer black! It’s amazing how that happens… they try to divide us on race,” continued Elder before expressing his frustrations on how reporting by the media often divides Americans based on race.

“But that’s how they roll, we don’t roll that way. We don’t finger point, we don’t blame, we roll up our sleeves, we get back to it,” Elder said as he concluded his speech.

“As I said before: We may have lost the battle, but we’re sure as hell going to win the war.”

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