BREAKING: Leaker In The Interior Department Has Been Found

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The President Donald Trump administration has privately identified the leaker in the Department of the Interior (DOI).

Department of the Interior deputy press secretary Alex Hinson is identified as the person responsible for the leaks in the media for negative stories about Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, Big League Politics has exclusively learned. These leaks include news that Zinke deleted the term “climate change” from the agency’s five-year plan, a Politico hit piece on the cost of Zinke’s office doors, and an email in which his colleague Heather Swift trashed reporters.

Hinson is collaborating with Kevin Chmielewski, the leaker who is now accusing EPA chief Scott Pruitt of various misdeeds. Hinson and Chmielewski believe they can knock out both Pruitt and Zinke, and they are working with Senate Democrats to pull it off.

Hinson, a 2014 University of Arkansas graduate, is caught up in an elaborate series of events. Hinson lost his government-issued cell phone and now his personal phone, which he uses for government business, is subject to federal government review. That phone contains records of a drug deal, according to an inside source. Hinson has referred to Zinke as an “idiot” at Washington events.

Hinson made powerful enemies at the Department of the Interior when he told superiors on Heather Swift for a text conversation they had. In the conversation, Hinson referred to Tallahassee as “Talla-Trashy.” Swift just happened to be in the same text conversation, so Hinson was essentially just telling on himself.

Alex Hinson declined to speak on the record with Big League Politics.



Alex Hinson with Wayne Newton

Leaks from career civil servants that comprise the Deep State are nothing new in the Trump administration.

Of late, however, leaks have emerged from DOI just as they have over at EPA from political appointees — seemingly Trump friendly former campaign staffers who inexplicably think collaborating with House and Senate Democrats to “take out” cabinet level secretaries will advance the president’s America First agenda.

Hinson even made phone calls in an attempt to enlist more recruits in the effort to oust Zinke and Pruitt, according to multiple administration officials.

“The president will choose Kevin over Pruitt,” Hinson was reported to have said.

Leaks from the Trump administration and now from Interior and EPA have apparently been executed systemically by what can only be described as opponents of the administration.

Multiple administration sources have told BLP that Hinson, while at widely attended gatherings of lower level political appointees, often bragged about the media leaks about Pruitt.

Hinson repeatedly stated to anyone who would listen that Pruitt needed to go and even called Ryan Zinke an idiot.

“They seem more like turncoats than Trump appointees,” said one administration official on condition of anonymity.

After examining FOIA requests, BLP has confirmed that Hinson traveled on a trip to Florida with DOI.

Hinson has told co-workers he used his personal phone to conduct government business after he lost his government-issued device. That claim is consistent with his publicly trackable work at DOI.

As a result, all the contents of Hinson’s personal phone are subject to examination and mapping by the U.S. government.

The spate of leaks from Chmielewski and Hinson at EPA and DOI come amid the United States effort to boost its energy production levels and surpass Russia and China in the energy sector.

Zinke and Pruitt have been leading the administration’s deregulation agenda and serve as a critical catalyst in implementing┬áPresident Trump’s America First energy objectives — objectives which are vital to America’s national security and energy independence.

The leaks also threaten the administration’s effort to propel the United States to becoming the world’s top liquid natural gas exporter.

It is unclear how EPA or DOI will deal with the incessant leaks.