BREAKING: Marjorie Taylor Greene Recounts Being Swatted After 1AM Wednesday Morning

A big looming trend that goes massively underreported by the mainstream media is the rise in swattings on conservatives at their private residences. 

In today’s latest example, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene announced on Twitter that she was swatted just after 1 am on Wednesday morning.

“I can’t express enough gratitude to my local law enforcement here in Rome, Floyd County,” she would also say online.

Greene was invited to speak with host of Human Events Daily, Jack Posobiec, to share her story and detail what happened. 

During the interview, Greene said she was sound asleep and, of course, did not expect anyone to come to her house at 1 in the morning. 

She then heard knocks on her door and her doorbell ring, then noticed lights outside and heard people outside her property.

After hopping out of bed, putting her clothes on, and picking up her gun, Greene said she had a sudden gut feeling that told her not to bring her firearm with her as she went to answer the door. 

A move that was “very out of norm” according to the representative. 

Greene saw the police with their guns at the ready outside her property, and then said to Posobiec that this was in response to a “terrible phone call” they had received at the 911 call center. 

Greene would later find out that this call indicated that someone had been shot on premise “five times in the chest in a bathtub.” 

According to Greene’s recount, the caller dialed the call center once more to urge that the situation was even more severe, as there were “children in the home.”

Per Greene, these phone calls were setting up a “very serious dangerous scenario in a home.” Forcing law enforcement to act swiftly and cautiously to mitigate the situation. 

“Mamn, are you okay?” an officer would soon ask Greene the morning of the swatting while displaying body posture that was “really concerning” to Greene. 

After Greene invited the officers into her home to validate that nothing drastic had happened, police acknowledged that the representative had been swatted. 

They, like Greene, were angry and upset that this had happened, because they know about how dangerous a bogus swatting attempt can be for law enforcement and for homeowners. 

“Whoever this person is [that made the call],” Greene would conclude in her interview with Posobiec, “deserves to be locked up.”


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