BREAKING: Man Sets Himself On Fire Outside White House

A man attempted to set himself on fire outside the White House this afternoon, causing the facility to immediately enter a state of lock down, according to reports from the scene.

Video shows Secret Service escorting a man away from the White House after apprehending him moments after he attempted to self immolate. Reports indicate paramedics are currently attempting to provide emergency treatment to the man as he is rushed to a hospital. Thus far, there is no word on the man’s medical condition.

The video, posted to Twitter by Mark Irons, shows the event happened around 3 p.m., and it shows the man being taken away by multiple Secret Service agents. Reports indicate the Secret Service was quick to respond to the emergency situation.

There is no word on his motivation for the act, but the White House has entered a state of lock down after the suicidal act.

A man previously tried to self immolate outside the White House in 2017, citing frustrations with the then-newly elected president.


Secret Service reports that the man approached the White House in a motorized wheel chair and set his outer jacket on fire. Uniformed officers immediately rushed to the location, extinguished the fire, and administered first aid to the man.

He sustained non-life threatening injuries and is being treated at a local hospital.

This is a breaking news story. Big League Politics will follow this story and provide further updates as more details become available.


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