BREAKING: Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens Resigns Amid Scandal

During an evening press conference at the Missouri State Capital, Governor Eric Greitens announced that he is stepping down from his position effective Friday, June 1st at 5PM CST.

The up-and-coming political star came into the spotlight after first being elected the country’s second youngest governor at age 43 against a sea of more well-known opponents. But that fame quickly turned to infamy when he was indicted on charges of felony invasion of privacy earlier this year. The charges stemmed from an extra-marital affair where he allegedly took revealing pictures of the women he was having an affair with as blackmail.

Greitens claimed that the allegations against him were nothing more than a “political hit job.”

As these more extreme allegations were hitting him, Greitens was also facing allegations of illegal coordination between the then-candidate Greitens, a non-profit he runs, and a political action committee supporting him. There are strict laws against coordination between political action committees and candidates, and if Greitens was found to have violated those laws, it would be grounds for impeachment.

Earlier in the day, before his announcement, a judge ordered Greitens to turn over documents related to his non-profit to be used in a case to impeach him.

Between these two attacks against Greitens, whether legitimate or not, it isn’t surprising that he would chose today to resign from his position as Governor.

Greitens seemed to have limitless possibilities, with an expected U.S. Senate campaign at some point, and even a possible run at the Presidency. Today resulted in a major fall from grace for a potential national political powerhouse.



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