BREAKING: Preliminary Results From Iowa Caucus Show Pete Buttigieg Leading the Democrat Field

Former South Bend, IN Mayor Pete Buttigieg is leading the Democrat pack with 62 percent of the results from last night’s Iowa caucus being tabulated.

Buttigieg leads the field with 26.9 percent of the delegates while Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has 25.1 percent, Sen. Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren (D-MA) with 18.3 percent, and former Vice President Joe Biden at 15.6 percent. Although Sanders has the lead in terms of votes, Buttigieg has claimed more delegates.

One America News Network anchor Jennifer Franco reported the news on her Twitter account:

Buttigieg has pulled into the lead after declaring himself the victor last night long before any results were released to the public. It’s almost as if he knew something that the rest of us didn’t.

“What a night. Because tonight, an improbable hope became an undeniable reality,” Buttigieg said to his supporters Monday night from his Iowa campaign headquarters in Des Moines.

“So we don’t know all the results, but we know by the time, it’s all said and done, Iowa you have shocked the nation. Because by all indications, we are going on to New Hampshire victorious,” he told his audience.

Buttigieg later backtracked his comments after receiving widespread condemnation for his speech that seemed to jump the gun.

“Like everybody else, probably more than anybody else, I’m impatient to get the official count, but we’ve also seen the reporting from our own precinct organization. In fact, we’ve made it public from over 1,200 precinct locations and what we saw is extraordinary,” Buttigieg said, adding that his campaign’s precinct information shows “we have the momentum and stepped on that plane victorious on our way to New Hampshire.”

“For a campaign that a year ago, I think a lot of people were questioning what right we even had to do this and to make the attempt. And so it’s clearly a victory for us even as we — along with, I think, the whole country — impatiently wait for some official results from the party,” the former mayor said.

However, Buttigieg’s connections with Shadow Inc., the firm responsible for making the faulty voting app that turned the Iowa caucus into a farce, raise serious questions about the integrity of the vote count.

Shadow is a tech project of ACRONYM. Free speech platform Gab noted that ACRONYM founder and CEO Tara McGowan is a huge Buttigieg supporter, as evidenced by her social media posts:

In addition, Buttigieg’s campaign committee – Pete for America, Inc. – is listed as giving two massive payments of $21,250 to Shadow in July 2019. Troubling video of a caucus official seemingly rigging a coin flip to increase Buttigieg’s delegate count has emerged on social media as well.

The rest of the results are expected to filter in tonight and perhaps tomorrow. If Buttigieg remains the delegate winner, Sanders’ supporters may not respect the result.

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