BREAKING REPORT: Los Angeles Man Arrested on Terrorism Charges

MSNBC is reporting Monday afternoon that a Los Angeles man has been arrested on terrorism charges.

“As [Pete Williams] just reported on[ MSNBC], NBC News has learned a Los Angeles man has been arrested on terror-related charges. He allegedly discussed wanting to kill LAPD officers and set off explosives at the Santa Monica Pier and on LA freeways,” said NBC Bureau Researcher Gary Grumbach.

“The man, described as a former member of the US military, allegedly voiced support for ISIS. Investigators say he was under surveillance for weeks after he went online allegedly posting angry rants about the killing of Muslims in mosques in New Zealand,” Grumbach continued.

“The man had several guns and was allegedly attempting to obtain explosive materials when he was arrested in a sting operation,” according to Grumbach.

California has seen its share of terror over the past two weeks.

Saturday, a man opened fire inside a synagogue in San Diego, killing one and injuring four. Last week, another an Iraq War veteran with PTSD drove his car into a group of people, injuring eight. He reportedly wanted to kill Muslims.

This story is developing.

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