BREAKING: RNC Will Stop Paying Trump Legal Bills If He Announces 2024 Run

Some speculate that former President Donald Trump has not announced his highly anticipated 2024 Presidential run because he is waiting until the 2022 midterms are over.

Trump’s recent appearance at TPUSA felt to many like the perfect opportunity to announce his return to the spotlight. But excited supporters instead got a highly motivational teaser entrance followed by a heavy supply of America First talking points that many have missed dearly.


Since 2021, the Republican National Committee (RNC) has paid out almost 2 million dollars to three law firms representing Trump. Those costs have supported investigations into the Trump family business.

Moreover, it’s worth noting that only 1.6 million for Trump’s legal battles was voted on and approved during a 2021 RNC meeting. The remaining payments that have been paid were subject to the approval of the party executive committee.

On Wednesday, an official of the organization shared that those payments would cease if the former President were to announce a 2024 run.

The official cited the RNC’s “neutrality policy,” which prohibits the organization from supporting a particular candidate in presidential primaries. And shared those comments during an interview with ABC News.

While some Republicans might speculate that this is one of the various reasons Trump has still not announced his 2024 candidacy, others believe the former president is simply building suspense and anticipation ahead of the midterms where a “red tsunami” is already expected.

Some have even criticized the RNC over the already paid out legal fees, arguing that its apparent “unwavering support for Trump” serves as an “absolute disadvantage” for other candidates hoping to run against him in the Republican presidential primary.

Regardless, RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel admitted earlier this year that Trump “still leads the party,” but she also stated that “the party has to stay neutral.”

“I’m not telling anybody to run or not to run in 2024,” she added.

For those following conservative voices who have interviewed the former President like Dan Bongino, it feels as though Trump is doing a somewhat presser tour to consolidate his talking points for what a 2024 run would look like ahead of announcing his candidacy.

In many appearances, Trump addresses his determination to truly “drain the swamp.” Even citing past failures and what went wrong in regards to who he hired and let work around him.

This latest announcement from the RNC is highly unlikely to be a reason for the former President to delay his 2024 run announcement, as it appears he is just building up momentum for the time being.

There is still a lot of time ahead of 2024. Midterms must be the focus first.

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