Breaking: Roger Stone joins BLP as Social Media Coach

Roger Stone

[Washington, D.C.] — Big League Politics announced today that legendary political strategist Roger Stone joined the team as the news outlet’s new Social Media Coach.

Stone, a New York Times bestselling author and senior adviser to President Donald J. Trump’s campaign, was recently banned from Twitter following his sharp criticism of CNN and CNN personalities.

“We believe that Roger Stone’s influence as a patriot and a purveyor of truths on social media must live on,” said Patrick E. Howley, the editor-in-chief and founder of Big League Politics. “We at Big League believe in the First Amendment. We feel that freedom of speech is integral to our economic nationalist message, and to the health and sustainability of our great Republic.”

Beginning Thursday, Stone will coach, influence, and inspire our social media team to reach its full potential.

“I am very excited about joining Big League Politics. I have known and worked with members of the team in the past, but now we are all working together,” said Stone.

“Social media is an important part of any news site’s business model and I am looking forward to sharing tricks I have picked up along the way,” he said.

“Roger will provide leadership and inspiration for our young crack team of social media posters,” Howley said.

“Oftentimes during the day, when trying to come up with a good tweet or comment, we think: ‘What Would Roger Do?’ Sadly, we no longer have Roger’s personal Twitter account to guide us in the darkness,” he said.

“Now, I’m happy to say that Roger will be hovering over our shoulders, making his comments to us directly, so that we will never be lost without him,” he said. “We strive to emulate the spirit of Roger Stone in our tweets, which will conform to Twitter’s code of conduct. Let the tweets begin.”

Big League Politics Company President Neil W. McCabe and senior reporter Cassandra Fairbanks both said they are thrilled with the news.

“Stone’s presence on the team will help lift us to new and interesting levels of social-media prowess,” said Fairbanks.

“Roger Stone is a master of communication,” McCabe said. “His talents and political insight will inform all of our best tweets.”

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