Rooftop Footage With Audio of Las Vegas Massacre Released

Rooftop footage of the Las Vegas Massacre, now released with audio, has been made publicly available.

The footage shows concertgoers at the Route 91 Harvest Festival running for their lives as gunman Stephen Paddock opened fire on them from the 32nd floor Mandalay Bay hotel. Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department scanner audio accompanies the video.

This footage is extremely graphic in nature, both the video and audio. Viewer discretion is STRICTLY ADVISED.


WATCH: (Warning: Extremely Graphic)

Big League Politics has reported extensively about the unsolved mystery of the Las Vegas Massacre.

Most recently, contributor Laura Loomer reported that LVMPD officers were ordered to turn their body cameras off during the shooting.

Much of BLP’s coverage has focused on Australian mystery man Brian Hodge, who has several potential terrorist connections and has never been questioned as part of the investigation. Numerous current and former high-level law enforcement officers have confirmed that Hodge deserves scrutiny as a potential suspect.

An official report on the incident is expected this October.

No official motive is known.

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