Breaking: Spygate Information Revealed By Durham Filing

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Spygate Information Revealed By Durham Filing

In a court filing made on Friday, Special Counsel John Durham said that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) had found back in 2017 that the “evidence” fueling the Russia collusion hoax did not “withstand technical scrutiny” and was “user created.” Durham explained that the data had been “mined” to gather damaging information on then-President Donald Trump.

Fox News has recently confirmed that in February 2017, Democratic lawyer Michael Sussman met with the CIA, in addition to his FBI meeting, and attempted to launder phony intelligence related to the Russia collusion hoax through the agency.  

The weight of this story lies in the fact that the CIA did not trust the evidence presented by Sussman. Yet, despite this, traitors like former CIA Director John Brennan booked himself as a guest on every network that would have him so that he could slander the president with these false claims.



Durham wrote that:

While the FBI did not reach an ultimate conclusion regarding the data’s accuracy or whether it might have been in whole or in part genuine, spoofed, altered, or fabricated, Agency 2 concluded in early 2017 that the Russian Bank 1 data and Russian Phone Provider 1 data was not ‘technically plausible,’ did not ‘withstand technical scrutiny,’ ‘contained gaps,’ ‘conflicted with [itself],’ and was ‘user created and not machine/tool generated …

Shortly before the 2016 presidential election, Sussman sent his friend, the FBI’s then-general counsel James Baker, a text saying he wanted to meet so that he could communicate important information to Baker. Sussman claimed to be coming as a concerned citizen, not on behalf of any organizations or individuals.

In this meeting, Sussman inserted phony intelligence into the FBI’s understanding of the situation by presenting lies as the objective truth come across by a concerned citizen. He has since been charged for lying to Baker, as Durham found that he had conducted his treasonous activity on behalf of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Eventually, this information was used to create a false narrative that was echoed throughout the media, creating in many Americans a fictitious understanding of the situation. The manipulation of the U.S. intelligence community to perpetrate these crimes is particularly nefarious, given the significant loss of trust in these agencies that has resulted from incidents like this. 

The Big Lie echoed through every arena of American life, from late night comedy shows to the halls of Congress. Americans were made to believe that their country was under attack by nefarious actors in the U.S. government — and, as it turns out, the Durham investigation is confirming that it was.

John Brennan, James Clapper, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and a host of others are guilty of knowingly spreading disinformation to the American public to take down President Trump. From the ubiquitous “Russian collusion” story to the fake “Russian bounty” lie that demonized Trump for not taking military action against Russia over fake reporting from the intelligence community, the American people were lied to by their government and a subservient media.

For trust to be regained, there has to be accountability.

And it seems like Durham may be working his way to delivering accountability.


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Spygate Information Revealed By Durham Filing

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