BREAKING: Stacey Abrams Worked With Democratic Socialists of America To Write Bills To ‘Scare The Right Wing’

Democratic Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams worked directly with the Metro Atlanta Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) to write bills to “scare the right wing,” according to May 2012 Democratic Socialist minutes obtained by Big League Politics. Evidence shows that Abrams spoke at a Metro Atlanta DSA event, and that the socialist group is actively supporting Abrams’ candidacy for governor. (READ: Black Panther Party Hits Campaign Trail in Georgia With Guns, Stacey Abrams Signs).

According to the minutes:

“In Charlotte — 35 workers’ advocates met to discuss ‘right to work for less’ laws and come up with new strategies. Presenting bills across the South to counter ALEC bills and scare the right wing was one idea. Marcia suggested enlisting help from Stacey Abrams on writing the bills.”

Here Are The Minutes in full:

officers_minutes (May22_2012)

Marcia Borowski was listed as an officer of the Metro Atlanta Democratic Socialists as of 2012.

Archives reveal that Abrams spoke, in her position as Georgia’s House Minority Leader, to the Metro Atlantic Democratic Socialist of America at their first meeting in 2011. The meeting was held on February 19, 2011.

This revelation makes sense in light of Abrams’ comments on CNN that her gun-ban bill was intended as a way to spark conversations about gun confiscation.

Jake Tapper asked Abrams about her 2016 co-sponsoring of Georgia House Bill 731, and said that Abrams’ co-sponsor made it clear that the bill requires some gun owners “to turn their guns in.”

Here is what Stacey Abrams said.

“And again, my point is this: the legislation introduced was the beginning of a conversation. I am absolutely certain that were we to pass this in Georgia, we would have a conversation about grandfathering in, about whether or not people would turn their guns in, whether there would be buybacks. There are a number of approaches to take to accomplish this goal.”

Here is a passage from Equality, the Metro Atlanta DSA magazine, supporting Abrams in September of this year:

“Brian Kemp must not be governor. The Metro Atlanta Democratic Socialists of America stand in solidarity with our fellow Georgians against the government that we have been promised under four more years of Republican leadership. We stand with the workers who work harder than any of the wealthy elite in our state. We stand with those who continue to suffer under white supremacy in the state.”

“We stand with all of these working families who want Stacey Abrams to be the next governor of this state. For many reasons, we cannot endorse Abrams ourselves, but neither can we stand aside while our friends and allies fight for something they know will make their lives better. We voted to encourage our members, if they feel so moved, to stand up and fight in this election cycle.”

Equality passage ends

The Metro Atlanta Democratic Socialists of America projected the message “F— Trump” onto the side of Atlanta’s football stadium during the college national championship game in January 2018.


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