BREAKING: Tim Pool’s Studio Visited By Bomb Squad

Hoaxes targeted at those who go against narratives pushed by mainstream culture are seeming more and more prominent by the day. Journalist and podcast host Tim Pool just reported that a bomb squad had to come to his studio, where he records his show TimcastIRL. Pool also said that the events will not be filmed for security reasons, following a request given to him by police responding to the scene.

Pool mentioned in the report that he has been a longtime target of bad actors, saying he and others at the studio “were swatted six times,” meaning that 6 separate phone calls falsely alleging serious crimes led to police breaking and entering into his property despite possessing no warrant.

“I’m actually worried we’re going to hear the house shake,” said Pool during his show.

“For security reasons we can’t reveal too many details,” Pool told The Post Millennial, “but I tweeted what’s happening to make sure there’s a record of threats against us for future reference.”Timcast IRL producer Lydia Smith confirmed Pool’s announcement, sarcastically remarking “Got swatted on air, good times.”This does not mark the first time Pool had to deal with pandemonium in the studio. Police were seen swarming the journalist’s home just a couple of months ago in January after somebody called in to falsely report that two people had been shot and killed in Pool’s studio.

“A police officer is strolling in here, looking around, because it looks like someone just swatted this live-broadcast,” Rudkowski explained while Pool exited the frame.

“They were polite, but I’m not happy with the idea that they are walking into our studio while we are live, they are walking around,” Pool said after speaking to police at the time. He then explained that police on the scene insisted on carrying out the search despite not having a warrant; the officers claimed they were obligated to still sweep the house in order to fully respond to the initial report.

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