BREAKING: Trump Administration WILL Fight On In Quest For Citizenship Question

President Donald Trump is successfully leading his administration in fighting to keep the Citizenship Question on the U.S. Census.

It is up to Wilbur Ross’ Commerce Department to find a “new rationale” for the question, but Ross answers to the Commander in Chief.

“In the event the Commerce Department adopts a new rationale for including the citizenship question on the 2020 Decennial Census consistent with the decisions of the Supreme Court, the Government will immediately notify this Court so that it can determine whether there is any need for further proceedings or relief,” a Trump DOJ court filing stated Friday.

Trump has shown his clout against moves by his own administration to undermine his policy, as the Trump Department of Justice said Wednesday that they will re-commit themselves to Trump’s fight to get the “Citizenship” question on the Census.

“We at the Department of Justice have been instructed to examine whether there is a path forward, consistent with the Supreme Court’s decision, that would allow us to include the citizenship question on the census,” a DOJ lawyer said before a federal judge.

This comes just one day after the Trump administration reportedly abandoned the citizenship question on the Census following a Supreme Court decision that went against Trump. Trump made it clear on Twitter Wednesday morning that his administration was not giving up.

Trump is also showing his power over the Republican Party, as the House Oversight Committee Republicans took a strong position supporting the Citizenship Question — prior to the DOJ re-committing itself to the fight.

Trump’s immense popularity with Republican voters — in opposition to the Republican establishment that lacks a clear or substantial constituency — can and must be weaponized constantly in order for President Trump to fulfill his populist nationalist agenda.

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