BREAKING: Trump To Host Another Rally In Florida With Ron DeSantis

President Donald Trump will be hosting a rally in Florida with Rep. Ron DeSantis in the coming weeks, according to WFTV reporter Christopher Heath.

DeSantis is running for governor against Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum.

While DeSantis has the endorsement of President Donald Trump, Gillum is endorsed by dozens of big-name figures on the left, including former President Barack Obama, Sen. Bernie Sanders, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The latter two endorsements are making some concerned that Gillum may be too far left for a state like Florida.

President Donald Trump hosted a rally for DeSantis in August, making his second rally a sign that the president believes DeSantis needs more help.

Polling shows their race as a dead-heat, with Gillum having a slight lead which DeSantis seems to be catching up to.

Right off the bat the race has been harsh, with Gillum tossing allegations of racism against DeSantis, forcing DeSantis on the defensive.

But after weeks on the defensive, Gillum and his supporters began firing back at Gillum, attacking him for shady connections. The attacks became so harsh that a Gillum staffer was fired after extremely vulgar Tweets were uncovered.

Since his firing, supporters of DeSantis have been confronting Gillum, asking him to comment on why he hired the now-terminated staffer in the first place.

Since going on the offense, DeSantis has been climbing in the polls. A rally with President Donald Trump will certainly help him in the polls, considering that Trump handsomely won Florida in 2016.

Big League PoliticsĀ will keep you updated when further details about the upcoming rally are available.


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