Breonna Taylor’s Boyfriend Initially Told Police That SHE Shot At Officers During Raid

The boyfriend of Breonna Taylor initially told Louisville Police officers that she had shot at them as they executed a search warrant at the couple’s apartment, according to information released from grand jury proceedings investigating the Louisville woman’s death.

Kenneth Walker told officer Brett Hankison that ”she was the one who shot at us,” according to Hankison’s police interview after the shooting. Walker would later confess and be charged with shooting a Louisville police officer during the event, but the charges against him were dropped. In any event, it’s quite suspicious that he first described his deceased girlfriend as shooting at officers, when he in fact had opened fire when police breached the door after announcing their presence beforehand.

Police had obtained a narcotics warrant to raid the apartment on suspicion that Walker and Taylor were operating a drug enterprise on the premises.

Interview footage of Louisville police regarding the operation also revealed that officers described knocking on the door and announcing their presence before using a battering ram to get inside, contrary to widespread reports that the drug crime search warrant was executed through a ‘no-knock’ raid.

We knocked on the door, said ‘police,’ waited I don’t know 10 or 15 seconds. Knocked again, said police, waited even longer,” said Lt. Shawn Hoover in an interview regarding the event the day of the shooting.

So it was the third time that we were approaching, it had been like 45 seconds if not a minute,” Hoover said. “And then I said, ‘Let’s go, let’s breach it.’

Officer Hankison has been charged with wanton endangerment for firing rounds that penetrated neighboring apartments during the shootout, but the grand jury declined to file murder or manslaughter charges against officers involved in the shooting, contrary to the demands of the national Black Lives Matter movement.

This event doesn’t seem to have occurred in a fashion remotely similar to what BLM activists have claimed occurred.

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